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Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: Little League
Sport Played: Football
Your Story: As a parent, I watched little league for years. Over the years I’ve seen coaches grip up kids and yell at them for mistakes adults would make too. I know it’s also about discipline, but sometimes these guys get to rough for little kids. Where it no longer becomes fun. I hate seeing kids cry because an adult treated them like they suck!

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: Club level
Sport Played: Gymnastics
Your Story: My coach made us terrified of her and she had a scary temper. If you made any mistakes, it wasn’t a matter of technique, it was because you were stupid, lazy, or fat according to her. I developed an eating disorder and my hair fell out and I had no energy. She always made us train and compete on injuries against doctors orders. I haven’t had her as a coach for 8 years now and I’m still recovering.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: College Division 1
Sport Played: Volleyball
Your Story: I was abused by my volleyball coach. I witness him bully and abuse select teammates. He also had an inappropriate relationship with one of the girls on the team which made everyone else extremely uncomfortable. I was exploited and teased in front of the team. He would be talk negatively about other people in power ahead of him and would act fake in front of them.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: High School
Sport Played: Cheerleading
Your Story: There was a coach that verbally abused the team. She would cuss and yell for simple missteps in the routine. She made every nervous and uncomfortable. She would even get into the girls’ faces to invoke a fight.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: Freshman-Senior Varsity
Sport Played: Varsity Cheerleading
Your Story: I had a coach who would have us run and condition for a long period of time before having us run our routines. Her decision left us so tired that we were not sharp, which would induce more conditioning. The practice would follow right after school and be between 2-3 hours. After seeing us, the football team agreed that these workouts were tougher than theirs.

Our routines caused us injury because we were so tired from the conditioning. We would show up to finals bruised, broken, and limping and then she would ridiculed us if we did not come in first.

Eventually the love of the sport was lost. I think she saw “first place” as her only job while the rest of us saw it as an extra-curricular activity. To her, success was the trophy while for us, success was the experience of teamwork.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: 3rd-7th
Sport Played: Gymnastics
Your Story: I had this coach who would scream and scream at us for hours. He would also take away our water. He would make us practice through injuries and sickness. He would get so mad if you skipped one practice. He would also make us do skills that we have never done before and if you didn’t land it, he would flip out and make you run until you puked . When he was spotting you he would grab on really tight, causing huge bruises. He would spot us and made us so uncomfortable. He would touch us down there. It was a toxic ass place. I hated it there so much.

Gender: Male
Grade Level of Event: 12
Sport Played: Lacrosse
Your Story: The head lacrosse coach used to call certain kids on the team “re****s”, “dip-**it”, “loser”, “f’n re****”, “stupid”. He also made a kid run for a whole practice of 2 hours calling him names and saying he could quit to make it stop. He coached through fear and intimidation while he favored some and tormented others.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: College – division II
Sport Played: Volleyball
Your Story:  had doctors orders for no physical activity because I had 4 stress fractures in my back.. my coach made me speed walk 4 football field suicides knowing I wasn’t allowed to do any physical activity at all as a punishment all because two people didn’t reply to an email she sent.. she also didn’t have our university’s athletic trainer there because our coach was certified which allowed her to abuse her power over injured players bc we had no one to advocate for us.

Gender: Nonbinary
Grade Level of Event: Club (around 12/13)
Sport Played: Club (around 12/13)
Your Story: i have always been self-conscious, and unfortunately this particular coach’s technique was yelling and getting incredibly mad at his players. he always singled me out and refused to engage in small talk with me outside of practice like he did with my other teammates. i still don’t really remember any particular instances of things he said, which was like because it was traumatic and my brain was protecting me. i don’t play sports anymore.

Gender: Male
Grade Level of Event: Varsity
Sport Played: Tennis
Your Story: My team came to the agreement that our coach was under-qualified but was a good person. But, in my final two years we realized she was not a good person either. I was a starting member on the team and mid season, I noticed my shoulder was uncomfortable while serving. The pain persisted but she told me to just tough it out. We kept advancing rounds that season, and with every round the pain persisted and worsened. Coach didn’t care, she only cared about winning. That summer I attended eight months of pt and got steroid shots because of her. My senior season, I injured my ankle; a second degree sprain. She told me to go get an okay to play from the pt instructor, with a rivalry match coming up. The instructor wasn’t there, so instead I went to the instructor assistant and I got a verbal okay. I told my coach and she sent me off to play. We ended up losing the match and at practice my ankle was in pain. I told the coach, and found out from my teammates she was upset that I didn’t tell her cause she could lose her job when she was the one that let me go. I ended up quitting when a meeting with her and the sports director had her lying to the director, saying that she told me to get an injury slip for my injury yet she never did. When I disagreed, she said that I had gotten one for my shoulder injury when I never had. She was making me believe a reality that was false. Everyone on the team remembered how much I complained about shoulder pain the year before and coach never doing anything about it. I was in PT for months.