Your Stories

When you tell your story
you become a voice for change

Gender: Male
Grade Level of Event: Varsity
Sport Played: Football
Your Story: The coach rode my classmates hard, but the upperclassman seemed unphased by it. Coach berated one player and then belittled him in front of the team for the entire two-hour practice because he came in last in a relay. He never came back to the team, others soon followed. I worried I would be next.

Gender: Male
Grade Level of Event: College
Sport Played: Lacrosse
Your Story: I had an absolutely atrocious coach my freshmen year. What we did is we got the team together, and a couple of the seniors about 1/4 of the way through the season brought him a list of everything we wanted him to change and/or do better.

He didn’t change and basically told those guys to screw off, so we complained to the AD and he said there wasn’t much we could do at the moment.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: High School
Sport Played: Cheer
Your Story: My coach played favoritism by race and the relationship she had with the kids’ parents. Even though other team members had better skills, her favs were chosen as captains and were always front and center.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: 8th
Sport Played: Soccer
Your Story: I was playing select soccer for a well known and “renowned” male coach. He coached boys high school and recently started coaching girls. He was beyond demeaning and used belittling language towards all of us as motivation. He coached with fear and the sport was no longer a safe place for me.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: Sophomore
Sport Played: Cross Country/Track
Your Story: I told my coach I was going into treatment for anorexia and had to leave the team. After treatment she agreed to let me do less mileage. At a meet the next season I didn’t do very well and at the finish line she yelled at me saying I needed to run more and eat healthier if I wanted to be fast.

Gender: Male
Grade Level of Event: High School
Sport Played: Tennis
Your Story: My coach threw a racket on my head during a drill.

So basically, I was working on my volleys (lawn tennis) during a session and I was missing quite a lot. My coach was upset and just lost his cool and threw a racket at me. I did get better after that, but according to him my volleys still suck.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: 2nd–8th grade
Sport Played: Figure Skating
Your Story: My coach was emotionally and verbally abusive. She yelled at me and told me that no one liked me. She told me at the age of 9 about her sexual assault and domestic abuse relationship. She lied to my parents. She body shamed me once I hit puberty. She crossed many ethical boundaries, such as inviting me to be in her wedding party and having me sleep over at her apartment multiple times. Later in life I developed depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder due to the abuse I endured from her.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: 9/10 grade varsity
Sport Played: Cheer
Your Story: My coaches have favorite players.  One of those constantly belittles me, makes fun of me, calls me names, told me I should be eating less.  I told my coaches about it and they told me to suck it up.

Gender: Male
Grade Level of Event: Lifetime
Sport Played: Football
Your Story: I haven’t experienced any traumatizing experiences with any coach but I wholeheartedly believe that most coaches used harsh language at kids and hitting our helmets   It is what changes boys to men.

Gender: Female
Grade Level of Event: Multiple
Sport Played: Competitive Cheer
Your Story: As a parent and cheerleading coach myself, I have witnessed cheerleaders be verbally abused about their skill set, body and performance by their coaches. I’ve seen young girls shrink inside themselves as a result of how they were talked to or treated. The verbal abuse created the opposite effect of what participating in the activity meant to create.