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You can help create a national movement for change in sports
by telling your story of the physical or emotional abuse you or your teammates suffered in high school sports.

Tell us what rocked your world so others can be helped!

Share this with your friends and those who know the problem.

Imagine the impact your voice will have when we join together and speak as one!

* As we stated on the home page, abusive coaches make up only a tiny percent of all those who give their time, energy and love for their sport to children. We are aware that some of these stories need more context, but, nonetheless, they represent courageous and authentic voices of what student-athletes perceived happened to them. As coaches/teachers, we know that perception cannot nor should be ignored. Coaches must meet students where they are so they establish a meaningful and impactful relationship with them.
** To those posting stories, we specifically don’t want you to give us your name or the setting of the incident for liability reasons. We reserve the right to edit for length, deletion of names or places, or for any reason we think is not helpful to our cause of eliminating all abuse from sport.

Tell Your Story