Story 32

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: CollegeSport Played: SoccerYour Story: I am a university faculty member. I had players on our Women’s Soccer team confide in me regarding the abusive coaching they were facing. This included body shaming, consistent threats of scholarship reduction, belittling/ignoring mental health concerns (including dismissing discussions of suicide by several athletes), and […]

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Story 31

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: ClubSport Played: VolleyballYour Story: When I was 10 years old my team got a new coach. He was mean and cruel to all the girls, but I feel like he hated me even a little bit more. He called us fat and lazy and we were punished when we lost

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Story 30

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: SophomoreSport Played: Women’s Ice HockeyYour Story: A college in New Englandhas continued to hide the abusive coaching on the Women’s Ice Hockey team. This head coach has had 9 players leave under her coaching in the last 2 years. Four student athletes including myself have been removed for false allegations,

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Story 29

Gender: MaleGrade Level of Event: FreshmanSport Played: RowingYour Story: A private rowing club took 7 male athletes to the USRowing youth nationals last June, 2023, including 5 minors in the 15/16 age group. The minors were isolated, manipulated, verbally and emotionally abused by their coach, punished for speaking to parents or adult athletes. Any efforts to

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Story 28

Gender: MaleGrade Level of Event: CollegeSport Played: MultipleYour Story: I’m a college therapist-in-training who is near completion of my masters degree in mental health counseling. I have 13 university clients and 5 are female athletes on scholarship. All five come from different athletic programs and all five report cruel, coercive, and abusive relationships with their coaches. All five are

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Story 27

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: JuniorSport Played: BasketballYour Story: He told me I was nothing. He said I was dumb — I’m not going to go anywhere in life. He’d use words that degrade LBTQ and us as girls with obscenities in practices and games. He personally called me a whore.

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Story 26

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: 10th gradeSport Played: BasketballYour Story: I had a coach throw her keys at me when I didn’t like how I was playing in practice. She then cornered me in the empty locker room with the captain of our team, who was 2 years older, screaming and swearing at me that I was an “f—-ing

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Story 25

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: 9-12Sport Played: High School VolleyballYour Story: I have watched two daughters play volleyball under what can be only be described as a ‘toxic’ program. The coach admitted this year to the players that she is working on her anger. From what I have witnessed, it is clear that she should not

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Story 24

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: High SchoolSport Played: UnknownYour Story: I’ve had this assistant coach since freshman year. She’s always been awful to me, but this week she took it too far. I had a college visit set up and reminded the assistant 5 times. The day before I was to make my visit, I again

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Story 23

Gender: FemaleGrade Level of Event: 12 years of my childhoodSport Played: gymnasticsYour Story: i was always skinny. my coach would find anything to tear me apart. she told me i looked anorexic, and that my body embarrassed her. constantly comparing me to the way my teammates looks and would make sure i hated everything about myself. she downloaded a

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