Changing a negative sports culture in your community to a joyous experience for children involves you!

If you have witnessed or suffered from an abusive sports coach, share with others by clicking on “Tell Your Story.”

Briefly let others know by recounting your experience. Your story matters. You matter. (Do not include names or places for legal reasons.)

Advocacy is not a solo activity, although it can feel that way when beginning. It takes resilience to be an advocate and your strength will come from the knowledge that you are helping others in the same position you found yourself in. By advocating you are protecting them.

Advocacy is a process which starts when you find one friend who feels as you do. Then that friend find other friends until you have 10;

Advocacy is organizing those righteous 10 into a committee where you and your allies determine your mission and vision for the future. You begin by compiling a list of people and organizations to talk with in supporting this change;

Advocacy is continuously seeking new members for this cause;

Advocacy is posting on your community’s social media pages;

Advocacy is writing Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds for publication;

Advocacy is talking to members of your local School Board or Committee, school teachers and school-based mental health counselors.

Once your membership is sufficient enough to create impact, advocacy is seeking state legislation that requires schools to promulgate guidelines for implementation of a written sport psychology and social emotional learning curriculum on all teams to teach non-sport specific life skills.

To advocate is take action.

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